The Size of Your TV Does Matter


Ahhh, did you see that latest flyer, selling the 12’ TV for $300? NO? Me neither. My point is just because something is dirt cheap and appears to be a deal you can’t pass up…maybe you should pass it up! Just because you can buy a 12’ TV doesn’t mean you should buy the 12’ TV to cram into your 13’ family room! So, what is the perfect size TV to put in your new home?

There’s actually a little known formula when it comes to buying a new TV. The size of the TV should be based on the viewing distance. According to THX, take the distance in inches, from the couch to the wall where the TV will be mounted and multiply it by .84 to discover the ideal TV screen.

Let’s run through an example. Let’s say your couch to TV distance is 5’ or 60”

60”x .84= 50” diagonal TV measurement is the ideal recommended TV size.

Keep in mind, this formula is a recommendation, not a hard fast rule. There are many other factors that can affect your TV viewing pleasure such as, the angle of the TV, lighting, even personal preferences. Even still, it’s a good rule of thumb to live by.

Sitting too close to a large TV could create eye strain, yet sitting too far from a very small screen can do the same thing but opens you up for distractions too.

Here are a few more random TV tips…

  • Make sure how you display the TV is safe. Be sure to use correct hardware when mounting a TV to the wall and if it sits on a table, be certain the table is sturdy and the TV not too big, it can be top heavy or be at risk for falling on someone.
  • Correct lighting in the TV room helps eliminate eye strain. This means controlling natural light to avoid glares on the screen. Using dimmers to control lighting is idea. Watching TV in complete darkness strains the eyes. A little light washed on the wall behind the screen makes for a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Co-ordinate your TV size to your lifestyle and your floor plan. If you entertain a lot, consider a larger TV screen in a large, gathering room. Don’t make the mistake of placing a huge TV in a really small space. It will never feel right!

The size of your TV may seem like something you can think about at a later date, like on Black Friday Eve, but it’s really something you should be thinking about in the design phase of the home building process so that all details can work together for the best possible outcomes.

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