The Pantry

It’s a hard working room, accessed many times a day yet it’s often the room we spend very little time designing or even thinking about.  The pantry.  There are more styles of pantries than you might think but for today, let’s talk about just your basic walk in pantry.

When designing your kitchen, consider where the pantry is in relationship to your work triangle.  You will likely want it in the center of the triangle so that it can be easily accessed from each task you perform whether baking a cake or roasting up a dinner for friends.  The fewer steps you have to take to get what you need, the more efficient your kitchen.

Here’s another great design idea when it comes to pantries.  Why haul bags and bags of heavy, awkward groceries through the house when you could have a little door directly from the garage to the pantry?  We love this idea!  It’s not only functional but time consuming and will save your back too!


Clever right?  Ready to add this to your new home plan?  Give us a call!  We have all sorts of great design tips for you when you design and build your home with Gate City Builders!

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