You Know You Need A New Roof When…


Your roof reaches the legal drinking age

The shingles start curling, and I’m not talking about the newest winter Olympic sport

The shingles are shedding their granules.  There’s never a season for shingle shedding.

Raindrops keep falling on your head while you watch the football game…in your living room.

You wake up to a new skylight in your bathroom

Birds found a new home in your attic

The bats are joining them…in fact, you have a whole new habitat of creatures up there…

That’s when you know you might need a new roof!


So, what’s a hardworking home owner to do?  You call Gate City Builders. We do roofs.  We can build you a brand new home too, but we do roofs.   The sooner you discover a problem, the sooner you can fix or repair while the work is minimal.

Saving your roof is a little bit like having a toothache.  You can get on it right away and spend a small fortune at the dentist for a small filling, or, you can put it off and deal with the pain it becomes and then pay a huge fortune for a root canal or even losing the tooth altogether!

  • Save your roof while the problems are small. If your roof is over 20 years old, it’s time for an inspection.  Typically speaking, a roof should last at least 20 years, maybe longer but they have been known to fail sooner as well.
  • If the edges of the shingles are curled or the middle is buckled, you are headed for trouble. Again, plan for an inspection and see what can be done to remedy the problem before it gives you a massive headache.
  • Granules from the shingles laying in the gutter or on your sidewalk is not a good sign. It can happen for various reasons but shouldn’t.  A shingle without that safety layer is not going to give your roof or attic the protection for the elements that it needs and deserves!
  • An inspection of your roof on a yearly rotation is a smart idea. Go up to the attic on a sunny day and look for daylight seeping through cracks around chimneys, valleys etc.  It should be pitch black up there, no cracks of light.   While you’re up there, check for water staining on the wood, mold, soggy wood or insulation…Telltale signs you are running out of roof time.
  • It goes without saying, all creatures, whether great or small don’t belong in your attic. If they are up there…you may as well just move!  Especially if they are bats or other vermin but that’s just my personal opinion.  You decide for yourself…but bats can get stuck in your hair…just sayin’.

Alright, so now you have been appropriately warned about the health and wellness of your roof!  If any of these questionable activities are happening at your house, you need to run to your phone, or pull it out of your hip pocket and call Gate City Builders so we can come to your rescue!  208-221-5537  Ask for Jonathan!