How a floor plan can help you live a better life

As a designer, there are certain things that are a must, for a well-designed, functional home. You may not be able to recognize it right off the bat because often, it’s not easy to put your finger on what works and what doesn’t.  It is more about how a home feels and functions, rather than the finishes you see. Although, let’s be honest…finishes make a big difference too!

Gate City Builders cares about how the design of a home performs and functions for your family through the day to day grind. We design all of our plans with four criteria in mind.

  • Storage. Is there adequate storage? Does everything have a ‘home’? You know that old saying; A place for everything and everything in its place? It’s true. Everything needs to be adequately and properly stored.
  • Entertaining. Are there adequate and functional places for gathering, coming together as family and friends? Do those gathering places have an easy flow of traffic?
  • Resting and De-stressing. These are the areas where we spend our quiet time; bedrooms and little nooks and niches. Are these areas away from the buzz and busyness of the rest of the home?
  • Utility Spaces or Command Central as I like to call it. These are the areas of the home that are critical to the smooth functioning of a busy family. The laundry room. Home office. Mud room.

Without these boundaries of space and activity, a house is just a house, not a place you can really call home; your soft place to land after a long day in the world.

Let’s take a look at this plan, the spaces are well organized. The quiet areas in one end of the house, the rooms for entertaining together and utility spaces and storage in yet another part of the house.

It’s important when choosing a floor plan to consider these 4 spaces and how they are situated within the plan.  It makes for a much more comfortable and well designed home.  You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood, your home will be so functional!   Give us a call and we will help you choose a plan best suited to your needs or  better yet, we can customize one just for you!

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