Free Plans

One of the best things about building with Gate City Builders is probably our best kept secret…except it’s not!  You get your plans free, when you build with us!  It’s that simple.

Why is this such a big deal?  A set of custom home plans can run a person well beyond $3000 and that is a conservative number.  A custom home!  That is a huge savings.  Gate City Builders has an in house Interior Designer and Space Planner so you are truly getting a custom home, with all the quality you get when building with Jonathan at Gate City Builders.

How does it work?  Sit down with Jonathan and share your vision, discuss your budget and any other special needs you may have.  He will get you in touch with our designers.  From there, you will have several meetings to discuss all the important must haves and maybes for your new home.   It takes the frustration and stress that often comes with home building, out of the picture.   Not only that, Gate City Builders provides resources for selling your current home, finding the perfect piece of land and even financing.  Gate City Builders truly is a way to streamline your life. Give us a call today and inquire about properties under construction that are available to purchase!

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