Free Plans

One of the best things about building with Gate City Builders is probably our best kept secret…except it’s not!  You get your plans free, when you build with us!  It’s that simple.

Why is this such a big deal?  A set of custom home plans can run a person well beyond $3000 and that is a conservative number.  A custom home!  That is a huge savings.  Gate City Builders has an in house Interior Designer and Space Planner so you are truly getting a custom home, with all the quality you get when building with Jonathan at Gate City Builders.

How does it work?  Sit down with Jonathan and share your vision, discuss your budget and any other special needs you may have.  He will get you in touch with our designers.  From there, you will have several meetings to discuss all the important must haves and maybes for your new home.   It takes the frustration and stress that often comes with home building, out of the picture.   Not only that, Gate City Builders provides resources for selling your current home, finding the perfect piece of land and even financing.  Gate City Builders truly is a way to streamline your life. Give us a call today and inquire about properties under construction that are available to purchase!

Relocating Made Easy

Embarking on some life changes? Have they left you scrambling for a home? Relocating to the Pocatello area?

Gate City Builders has your back!  We are one of the top builders in the Pocatello area and we specialize in mid size, family homes.  We provide our home owners with quality construction with attention to finishing details.  

We currently have several spec homes in varying stages of construction right now.  If you hurry, you can select the interior finishes with a signed contract.  Are you looking for land instead?  We have several properties in the area you can build a custom home on, or choose from our library of plans.  With an In-House designer on the team, we can assist you in your custom home plan or modifying one of our existing plans.  Remember, when you build with Gate City Builders, the plans are free!!  That’s up to a  $3000.00 savings!

It’s easy to get started.  One phone call is all it takes to start you on the right path to new home ownership.

Call Jonathan at 208-221-5537

We look forward to working with you soon!

You Know You Need A New Roof When…


Your roof reaches the legal drinking age

The shingles start curling, and I’m not talking about the newest winter Olympic sport

The shingles are shedding their granules.  There’s never a season for shingle shedding.

Raindrops keep falling on your head while you watch the football game…in your living room.

You wake up to a new skylight in your bathroom

Birds found a new home in your attic

The bats are joining them…in fact, you have a whole new habitat of creatures up there…

That’s when you know you might need a new roof!


So, what’s a hardworking home owner to do?  You call Gate City Builders. We do roofs.  We can build you a brand new home too, but we do roofs.   The sooner you discover a problem, the sooner you can fix or repair while the work is minimal.

Saving your roof is a little bit like having a toothache.  You can get on it right away and spend a small fortune at the dentist for a small filling, or, you can put it off and deal with the pain it becomes and then pay a huge fortune for a root canal or even losing the tooth altogether!

  • Save your roof while the problems are small. If your roof is over 20 years old, it’s time for an inspection.  Typically speaking, a roof should last at least 20 years, maybe longer but they have been known to fail sooner as well.
  • If the edges of the shingles are curled or the middle is buckled, you are headed for trouble. Again, plan for an inspection and see what can be done to remedy the problem before it gives you a massive headache.
  • Granules from the shingles laying in the gutter or on your sidewalk is not a good sign. It can happen for various reasons but shouldn’t.  A shingle without that safety layer is not going to give your roof or attic the protection for the elements that it needs and deserves!
  • An inspection of your roof on a yearly rotation is a smart idea. Go up to the attic on a sunny day and look for daylight seeping through cracks around chimneys, valleys etc.  It should be pitch black up there, no cracks of light.   While you’re up there, check for water staining on the wood, mold, soggy wood or insulation…Telltale signs you are running out of roof time.
  • It goes without saying, all creatures, whether great or small don’t belong in your attic. If they are up there…you may as well just move!  Especially if they are bats or other vermin but that’s just my personal opinion.  You decide for yourself…but bats can get stuck in your hair…just sayin’.

Alright, so now you have been appropriately warned about the health and wellness of your roof!  If any of these questionable activities are happening at your house, you need to run to your phone, or pull it out of your hip pocket and call Gate City Builders so we can come to your rescue!  208-221-5537  Ask for Jonathan!

The Size of Your TV Does Matter


Ahhh, did you see that latest flyer, selling the 12’ TV for $300? NO? Me neither. My point is just because something is dirt cheap and appears to be a deal you can’t pass up…maybe you should pass it up! Just because you can buy a 12’ TV doesn’t mean you should buy the 12’ TV to cram into your 13’ family room! So, what is the perfect size TV to put in your new home?

There’s actually a little known formula when it comes to buying a new TV. The size of the TV should be based on the viewing distance. According to THX, take the distance in inches, from the couch to the wall where the TV will be mounted and multiply it by .84 to discover the ideal TV screen.

Let’s run through an example. Let’s say your couch to TV distance is 5’ or 60”

60”x .84= 50” diagonal TV measurement is the ideal recommended TV size.

Keep in mind, this formula is a recommendation, not a hard fast rule. There are many other factors that can affect your TV viewing pleasure such as, the angle of the TV, lighting, even personal preferences. Even still, it’s a good rule of thumb to live by.

Sitting too close to a large TV could create eye strain, yet sitting too far from a very small screen can do the same thing but opens you up for distractions too.

Here are a few more random TV tips…

  • Make sure how you display the TV is safe. Be sure to use correct hardware when mounting a TV to the wall and if it sits on a table, be certain the table is sturdy and the TV not too big, it can be top heavy or be at risk for falling on someone.
  • Correct lighting in the TV room helps eliminate eye strain. This means controlling natural light to avoid glares on the screen. Using dimmers to control lighting is idea. Watching TV in complete darkness strains the eyes. A little light washed on the wall behind the screen makes for a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Co-ordinate your TV size to your lifestyle and your floor plan. If you entertain a lot, consider a larger TV screen in a large, gathering room. Don’t make the mistake of placing a huge TV in a really small space. It will never feel right!

The size of your TV may seem like something you can think about at a later date, like on Black Friday Eve, but it’s really something you should be thinking about in the design phase of the home building process so that all details can work together for the best possible outcomes.

How kitchen cabinets can get you your heart’s desire.

When building a home, chances are, your builder will bring in a cabinet company to provide you with a custom kitchen.  You call shots with custom cabinets.  However, did you know that there are other options in kitchen cabinets?  You don’t have to go custom.   Let’s take a closer look at other options when it comes to cabinets.

Basically there are three ways to go with kitchen cabinets…4 if we get into the DIY style…which, we will get into after discussing the standard three.

  1. As we’ve already mentioned, custom cabinets is exactly what it means.  They are custom.  You can create whatever you want and a cabinet maker will build them to your specifications.   With custom cabinets, you can choose from a variety of materials, finishes, colors, and other added details like glass in cabinet doors, even lights that turn on when a cabinet door is opened.  The possibilities are endless.



Image: Lurk Custom Cabinets


  1. Semi-Custom. These cabinets are in-between the world of custom and stock.  You still have to design your kitchen according to standard sizes and styles but they do offer some added design features that you can choose from.  Semi-custom cabinets can make you feel like you had some design input rather just buying something off a shelf from a big box store.  Some of the features you do have a say in are finishes, moldings etc.  Semi- custom cabinets are still mass produced so you may end up sacrificing some quality when compared to custom cabinets.
hgtv semi com

Image: HGTV Semi Custom Cabinets


  1. Stock cabinets are the kind you purchase at your big box home improvement stores.  Stock cabinets cost considerably less than custom or semi-custom cabinets but you are limited in sizes, finishes and other details.  Still, stock cabinets have come a long way.  They offer many more wood species, paint and stain options as well as other details.  Take for instance cabinets from Ikea.  They offer many add-ons you wouldn’t normally find in stock cabinets and probably wouldn’t fork over the additional money for such a frill.  Stock cabinets come in a minimum of 9” widths and then go up by 1” up to 48” in width.   If you know ahead of time that you are going to go with stock cabinets, it is sometimes easier to design your kitchen around the standard sizes than to try to fit them into the space later.  At that point, you may end up with wasted space and awkward corners.
hgtv stock

Image: HGTV Stock Cabinets


Finally, there is another option in cabinets.  I call it the DIY style.  This is becoming a popular trend in kitchen design today.  Upper cabinets are replaced with open shelves with bent pipe for support.   Lower cabinets are trending towards open shelves and even furniture pieces double as kitchen islands.  The DIY style is typically the least expensive but you won’t always get that ‘finished’ look as you will with custom or semi-custom cabinets.


matthew williams

Image: Matthew Williams via Oprah

apartmenttherapy shelves

Image: Apartment Therapy


During the design process of your new home, take a minute to consider what type of cabinet you will use, this can impact the space and budget.  Remember, don’t get stuck in trends or whatever your neighbor or friend is doing.  Let the space be a reflection of your unique style.

How a floor plan can help you live a better life

As a designer, there are certain things that are a must, for a well-designed, functional home. You may not be able to recognize it right off the bat because often, it’s not easy to put your finger on what works and what doesn’t.  It is more about how a home feels and functions, rather than the finishes you see. Although, let’s be honest…finishes make a big difference too!

Gate City Builders cares about how the design of a home performs and functions for your family through the day to day grind. We design all of our plans with four criteria in mind.

  • Storage. Is there adequate storage? Does everything have a ‘home’? You know that old saying; A place for everything and everything in its place? It’s true. Everything needs to be adequately and properly stored.
  • Entertaining. Are there adequate and functional places for gathering, coming together as family and friends? Do those gathering places have an easy flow of traffic?
  • Resting and De-stressing. These are the areas where we spend our quiet time; bedrooms and little nooks and niches. Are these areas away from the buzz and busyness of the rest of the home?
  • Utility Spaces or Command Central as I like to call it. These are the areas of the home that are critical to the smooth functioning of a busy family. The laundry room. Home office. Mud room.

Without these boundaries of space and activity, a house is just a house, not a place you can really call home; your soft place to land after a long day in the world.

Let’s take a look at this plan, the spaces are well organized. The quiet areas in one end of the house, the rooms for entertaining together and utility spaces and storage in yet another part of the house.

It’s important when choosing a floor plan to consider these 4 spaces and how they are situated within the plan.  It makes for a much more comfortable and well designed home.  You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood, your home will be so functional!   Give us a call and we will help you choose a plan best suited to your needs or  better yet, we can customize one just for you!

The Pantry

It’s a hard working room, accessed many times a day yet it’s often the room we spend very little time designing or even thinking about.  The pantry.  There are more styles of pantries than you might think but for today, let’s talk about just your basic walk in pantry.

When designing your kitchen, consider where the pantry is in relationship to your work triangle.  You will likely want it in the center of the triangle so that it can be easily accessed from each task you perform whether baking a cake or roasting up a dinner for friends.  The fewer steps you have to take to get what you need, the more efficient your kitchen.

Here’s another great design idea when it comes to pantries.  Why haul bags and bags of heavy, awkward groceries through the house when you could have a little door directly from the garage to the pantry?  We love this idea!  It’s not only functional but time consuming and will save your back too!


Clever right?  Ready to add this to your new home plan?  Give us a call!  We have all sorts of great design tips for you when you design and build your home with Gate City Builders!